Things to know about Fino Lemons used on our Juice

The best Fino lemons are harvested in Murcia, in the South East of Spain.

The optimum weather in this area, with warm days and chilly nights, creates the finest Fino lemons in the world.

Lemon cultivar “Fino” is the most important lemon variety in Spain and is cultivated in the Vega Alta of Segura (Southeastern Spain).

Fruit harvesting takes place from Early October to End February and may have two crops:

  • The first and most intense in April-May
  • and a shorter one in Summer.

“Fino” normally has 8-12 segments.

Flavedo is yellow intense and rich in essential oils.

Very Intense acidity ideal for acidification in food giving a fruity aroma.

These selected Fino lemons have been hand-picked at the peak of their season to assure a great juice content, rich in citrus essential oils and delivering the best quality and flavor.

Fino lemons have a characteristic fruity and acidic profile with delicious zingy notes. This makes them ideal for acidification in food or for blending in juices and lemonades, giving these blends a great flavor and citrus notes.

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